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Bereavement, Grief and Loss

When someone dies it can feel like a part of our own life has ended. We cannot imagine how our life will be without the physical presence of that person.

Each loss and how people grieve is unique, whether our loss is because of illness, sudden death, natural causes, suicide, road crash, accident, murder or other causes.

How we grieve may be dependent on our relationship with the person who has died. Our symptoms of grief may be both emotional and physical, the list below is not endless……

For some, their loss can be a relief. But this in turn may result in feelings which may be difficult to understand or process. Relief might come because you witnessed a person’s suffering with their illness or it could be because your relationship with the person who died was very difficult.

Grief can be complex and some people may experience trauma as a result of their loss. Or the loss may unlock suppressed emotions or memories in respect of the relationship with the deceased person.

We don’t just suffer grief when someone dies. Your lifestyle circumstances may have changed in some way, a relationship loss or friendship group. Or loss of a job. Or you may have some health and physical issues which are life-changing or life-limiting.

Grief counselling may help you to find a way to cope with loss, to understand your feelings and move forward into your changed life.

The loss of a pet for many people can be just as devastating as the loss of a human. It may be expected that we ‘should get over their loss quickly’ but it’s not as simple as that! Our pets are part of the family and may be our only companion.

People often put on a ‘brave face’ because those around them are also grieving. So no one close to them knows how they are really feeling.

If grief takes hold of your life and you cannot cope and are finding daily life difficult, it’s important to seek help if you struggle to do it alone.

Just by talking to someone else who understands will make a difference.

I offer in-person bereavement counselling in Thatcham, West Berkshire. My therapy room is a safe and confidential space where you will be listened to and offered help for your grief.

Contact me if you have any questions or would like to find out more about booking an appointment.


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