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Why counselling?

For many people the idea of talking to friends, family or colleagues about problems and worries can be challenging and cause even more anxiety. Not wanting to "burden" loved ones, or fear of being judged or criticized or someone offering a 'sticking plaster' to cover the problem, for example by saying "just get over it" or "things will get better soon". This is not helpful because the issues remain.


So how might counselling help you?


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Counselling face to face, side by side, online or on the telephone.

With the right person with whom you can build a good bond of trust, this can be a unique experience of complete openness where you are free to be you, talk about you and be heard and understood without judgement or prejudice. 


This counselling relationship can help promote the change and growth that you desire.

It's important that you have a willingness to participate in the change process, embrace the experience, after all you are paying for it! Your counsellor also commits to being there for you and taking you seriously. The work is a joint effort.

Be patient, it will take time, you will need to explore aspects of yourself that you feel uncomfortable with but in the right, safe environment your counsellor will help you with this.

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